Soli K Ghaswala
Chairman & Trustee

Percy Ghaswala
Managing Trustee
Khushru M Dalal
Minoo J. Buhariwala


Soli K Ghaswala 
Chairman & Trustee


Professional Qualifications :

Bachelor of Engineering (Civil and Structural), Mumbai University

Life Fellow, Institution of Engineers (India)
Member, Indian Concrete Institute · Member, Indian Institute of Metals
Member, American Concrete Institute (Maharashtra - India Chapter)
Life Fellow, American Society of Civil Engineers
Life Member, American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Fellow, Royal Society of Arts, London
Member, International Association for Bridge & Structural Engineering, Zurich. .

Professional Experience

Consulting Engineer 1960 todate

Senior Engineer, CITEC, a joint venture of Compagnie Industrielle de Travaux, Enterprise Scneider and Engineering Construction Corp. Ltd with Sir Alexander Gibbs and Partners, UK .
Technical Assistant, Public Works Department, Mumbai, India.
Consulting Editor, Indian Architect & Builder, Mumbai, India
Editor, Indian & Eastern Engineer
Editor, Indian Steel Annual · Editor, Indian Automotive Annual
Editor, Construction India Annual
Member, Advisory Editorial Board, Construction Management & Economics, UK
Founding Member, Architectural Engineering Institute of the American Society for Civil Engineers.

Attainments ( International )

The first Indian to receive a special "Certificate of Merit" from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in recognition of 20 years work as a critical Reviewer in the field of Applied Mechanics and Engineering Sciences in the international journal "Applied Mechanics Reviews".

Recipient of C I D A (Canadian International Development Agency) Fellowship, Montreal, Canada.
Foreign Correspondent "Light Metals Age", USA.
Visiting Professor of Structural Engineering to various universities in USA, Canada and France.
Listed in "Who's Who in Engineering" (Lewis Historical Publishing Co., N.Y., USA); "The Authors and Writers Who's Who and Reference Guide" (Shaw Publishing Co., Ltd., London) and "Who's Who in the World - 10th and 11th Editions" (Marquis Who's Who, Ill, USA) 1991, 1992.
Former Member, International Council for Building Research Studies & Documentation, United Nations, Geneva.
Foreign Correspondent, World Mining International, USA.

Attainments ( National )

The Mumbai Society of Model Engineers Prizeman

Secretary, IFAWPCA International Conference on Low Cost Housing in India, New Delhi
Former Chairman, Science & Technology Group, Indo-American Society, Mumbai.552
Member, Editorial Board, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, India.
Former Vice President and Member of Council, Indian Science News Association. Editorial Collaborator, "Science & Culture"
Joint Convener, Seminars on Water for Industry, Indian Waterworks Association, Mumbai.

Papers presented at Conferences & Seminars ( International )

6th International Congress for the History of Sciences, Amsterdam.

4th Congress of the International Association for Bridge & Structural Engineering, London and Cambridge
1st World Congress on Space Structures, Montreal, Canada.
6th Inter American Conference on Materials Technology, San Francisco, USA.
Member, International Organizing Committee, 2nd International Conference on Environmental Issues & Managing Wastes in Energy and Mineral Production, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Author, Bridge Aesthetics in India, TRB, National Research Council, Washington, D.C., USA

Papers presented at Conferences & Seminars ( National )

Symposium on Non Ferrous Metal Industry, Jamshedpur, India.

Symposium on Adaptability & Economics of Structural Aluminium, Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, Mumbai, India
Chairman, Session on Extruded Aluminium Sections organized by Hindustan Aluminium Corp. Ltd., Mumbai, India
Symposium on Non Ferrous Metals in Engineering and in Economy, Indian Institute of Metals, Mumbai, India
6th Annual Meeting of IABSE, Indian National Group, Bhopal, India.

Over 3500 publications in National & International Journals / Magazines
Over 5,000 technical books reviewed

The Economic Scene (TECS)]

Nucleus (France)
Technology & Culture (USA)
Engineering (UK)
Technology Review (MIT, USA)
Light Metals (UK)
Energy International (UK)
The Sciences (New York Academy of Sciences)
Leonardo (France)
The Indian & Eastern Engineer (Technical Editor)
The Eastern Metals Review · Science Reporter (CSIR)
Times of India · Economic Times
Indian Journal of Power & River Valley Development
Indian Architect & Builder (Consulting Editor)
Indian Construction
Current Science (IIS, Bangalore, India)


                Percy Ghaswala 
Managing Trustee 

                 Professional Qualifications :

Bachelor of Science with Biochemistry/Chemistry - University of Mumbai.

Diploma in Computer Languages BASIC(HL) & COBOL(ANSI), Mumbai, India
Master of Science in Biochemistry - University of Mumbai.
Certificate Course in Medical Informatics, New Delhi, India.

Membership/Recognition Of Professional Organizations

Life Member, Association of Clinical Biochemists' of India
Member, International Federation of Clinical Chemistry, Baltimore, U.S.A.
Life Member, The Society of Biological Chemists', India
Life Member, Indian Academy of Neurosciences, India.
One-time Member, Royal Society of Health, London
One-Time Member, The Protein Society, U.S.A.

Fellowships & Honours Received

Predoctoral Fellow, Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi
& Wellcome Trust, UK

In-charge, Computer Division, The Foundation For Medical Research, Worli, Mumbai.
Fellow, International Federation of Eye & Tissue Banks, Baltimore, USA.
Chairperson : Seminar & Video Session : Safety Precautions, Standard Established Good Laboratory Procedures & Practices
Cornea 2000 [3rd International Conference on Cornea, Eye Banking and External Eye Diseases, Istanbul, Turkey] Venue : Conrad Hilton, Istanbul, Turkey - July 2000

Featured in

a unique cookbook that includes recipes of two kinds – the traditional gastronomic variety, and the ones that make up the philanthropic success stories that Parsis are equally renowned for. In all, the book profiles 37 organisations which Parsis have founded, head, or are part of. From noted dancers Shiamak Davar and Astad Deboo, to female philanthropists like Rati Forbes and Anu Aga who have showcased the human face of Indian corporate, and much loved institutions like Sir Ratan Tata Trust (RTI) and Women's India Trust, they all share their insights on giving and contribute favorite Parsi recipes.

Professional Experience

General assistant, Computer Software Consultants.

Research Assistant, Sir Hurkisondas Nurrotumdas Medical Research Society, Mum.
Senior Research Assistant (Project), Department of Neuroimmunology, The Foundation For Medical Research, Worli, Mumbai
Research Officer, Bharat Serums & Vaccines Pvt. Ltd., Thane.
Director, DataSoft Exports, Mumbai.
Eye Bank Manager, Eye Bank Coordination & Research Centre (EBCRC), Mumbai
Former Volunteer & Faculty, SEWA Roshni Eye Bank, Lilavati Hospital & Research Center, Mumbai.
Advisor, Divya Jyot Eye Bank, Dahanu, MH State.
Advisor, Swami Sarvanand Hospital Eye Bank, Ulhasnagar, MH State.
Advisory Board Member, Love & Care India Trust (LACIT), Nagpur.
Advisor, Family Service Centre, Mumbai
Advisor, ALERT INDIA,, Mumbai
Invited Member, Executive Committee, Apnalaya, Mumbai
Panel Member, Post Graduate Evaluation Committee, SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, Centre for Development of Corporate Citizenship (DOCC)
Consultant / Faculty ( Information Technology )
Commercial Enterprises (SMEs)
Professionals / High Profile Individuals
Non Government Organisations (NGOs)

Forums, Conferences, Workshops & Seminars

Participant - 16th Binneial Conference of the Indian Association of Leprologists', TRICHUR, India. 1989

Participant & Speaker - PARADIGM SHIFT - Management Seminar for Social Development Sir Hurkisondas Nurrotumdas Hospital, Mumbai Organised by Eye Bank Association of India, Hyderabad, India 1999 .
Participant - 6 Forum Ophthalmologicum MOORFIELDS MACULAR COURSE IN PRAGUE, Department of Ophthalmology, Medical Faculty Hospital Kralovske Vinohrady, Prague, Czech Republic.
Speaker - Cornea 2000, 3rd International Conference on Cornea, Eye Banking and External Eye Diseases, Istanbul, Turkey.

Workshop on "Enchancing the Effectiveness of NGOs with Information Technology"
conducted by Percy Ghaswala, Managing Trustee, Ghaswala Vision Foundation and Director, DataSoft Exports, Mumbai
     Organised & Sponsored by the Center for Advancement of Philanthrophy,       Confederation of Indian Industry, Mumbai and Zensar Technologies, Pune
      Venue : Zensar Technologies Training Centre, Pune


     Organised & Supported by Bombay Stock Exchange and DRISHTI Human       Resoruce Centre, Mumbai
      Venue : Bombay Stock Exchange Conference Hall, 19th floor, Mumbai
     Organised & Supported by Centre for Advancement of Philanthrophy, Mumbai
      Venue : West End Hotel, New Marinelines, Mumbai

List of Publications

P. S. Ghaswala. 1985. Science Reporter. 22, 6, 384.

P. S. Ghaswala. 1986. M.Sc. THESIS submitted to the University of Mumbai.
N. R. Galdhar, P. S. Ghaswala, and R. I. Miranda. 1987. Indian Journal of Medical Research. 85, 550-552
M. V. Bimanpalli and P. S. Ghaswala. 1987. Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry. 2, 64-69.
N. R. Galdhar, R. I. Miranada and P. S. Ghaswala. 1987. Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry. 2, 39-43.
N. Rais, S. Mehtalia, P. S. Ghaswala, et al. 1987. ANNUAL REPORT - Sir Hurkisondas Nurrotumdas Medical Research Society. 14, 51-53.
P. S. Ghaswala and N. R. Galdhar. 1988. The Indian Journal of Medical Sciences. 11, 266-269.
M. V. Bimanpalli and P. S. Ghaswala. 1988. Journal of Bioscience. 13, 159-169.
M. V. Bimanpalli and P. S. Ghaswala. 1988. Indian Journal of Medical Research. 88, 261-264.
P. S. Ghaswala, N. F. Mistry and N. H. Antia. 1989. International Journal of Leprosy. 57(3), 690-692.
P. S. Ghaswala. 1992. Indian Drug Manufacturers' Association Bulletin. 41 (XXIII) 800-3
P. S. Ghaswala. April 25, 1999. Correspondence Current Science. 76, (8), 1061.

Books Reviewed

Culturing Nerve Cells
Eds. Gary Banker & Kimberly Goslin Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience Series. Ed. Charles F. Stevens
M.I.T Press, Cambridge, U.S.A..

The Excitement & Fascination of Science : Reflections of Eminent Scientists
Volume 3, Part I and II, Compiled by Joshua Lederberg,
The Rockefeller University
New York Editor-in-Chief : William Kaufmann Annual Reviews Inc. Palo Alto, California, U.S.A.
An Introduction to Peptide Chemistry
P. D. Bailey.
John Wiley & Sons
, Singapore
A Skeptical Biochemist
Joseph Fruton.
Harvard University Press
, Cambridge, MA, USA
  Visualisation in Biomedical Microscopy
Ed. Andres Kriete
, Weinheim, FRG.
Research Directions in Computer Science
An MIT Prespective' Eds. Albert R. Meyer, John V. Guttag, Ronald L. Rivest & Peter Szolovits

M.I.T Press, Cambridge, U.S.A.
Global Networks: Computers & International Communication
Ed. Linda Harasim

M.I.T Press, Cambridge, U.S.A
Naseema : The Incredible Story
Translated from Marathi by Asha Deodhar

Viveka Foundation
, New Delhi, India
Image Modelling of the Human Eye
Eds. U. Rajendra Acharya, Y. K. Eddie Ng and Jasjit S. Suri
Artech House, Inc., 685 Canton Street, Norwood, MA 02062, USA. 2008.
Next generation artificial vision systems –
reverse engineering the human visual system

Eds. Anil Bharath and Maria Petrou

Artech House, Inc., 685 Canton Street, Norwood, MA 02062, USA. 2008.



Professional Qualifications :

Bachelor of Commerce, Mumbai University, India.

Fellow, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
Member, Bombay Chartered Accountants Society, India.

Professional Experience

Chartered Accountant since 1982




Professional Qualifications :

Bachelor of Engineering, Karnataka University, India.

Professional Experience

Managing Director

Imperial Plastic & Metal Press Works (wholly EOU) since 1984

Best Kolity Macufacturer since 2005

Last Updated : Jan 2014